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Stancic Health and Wellness is a novel medical practice whose focus is counseling patients on achieving wellness via lifestyle modification. The primary intervention is to educate patients on the importance of food choices and how these simple decisions affect our complicated health outcomes.  The concept for this unique practice came as a consequence of my experiences as both a physician practicing conventional medicine for nearly 20 years, and as a patient, suffering from a chronic illness, multiple sclerosis. The physician of today is relegated to symptom management, and there is little time devoted to uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of many of today’s epidemics, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.  Treatment plans are highly dependent on prescription medications and invasive procedures with little time for counseling, support and education, interventions that have been proven to circumvent the need for drugs and surgery. Stancic Health and Wellness is a manifestation of my frustration with our current system of healthcare. This practice endeavors to return the doctor patient relationship to one which utilizes a highly personalized approach to healing, utilizing the traditional principles of Medicine. My practice aims to assist patients in achieving their personal health related goals which may include weight loss, and improved control of blood sugars, lipid profiles and/or blood pressure with an eye towards reducing dependency on medication. 

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