Best Treatment Methods for Women Infertility

Ignorance of infertility problems can raise various reproduction related issues. Throughout world seventy percent people have infertility problems and due to this reason they are unable to get pregnant. In market there are several fertility treatments present such medications, surgical infertility healings, Invitro fertilization techniques, IUI, ICSI, fertility drugs etc. In fertility medication treatments doctors use different kinds of medication for solving ovulation disorder problems such as Femera, Arimidex, and HCG etc.

Surgical infertility treatments are useful in the case of fallopian tube blockage. In this surgery gynecologists use laparoscopic surgery to recover this problem. In the condition of surgical infertility treatment failure doctors prefer IVF procedures. In this Invitro fertilization procedure doctors extract eggs and sperms from women and men body then fertile it on laboratory. When embryo formed then it implanted on women ovary. This method is also known as hundred percent pregnancy treatment methods.

Some of the following fertility drugs are:
– Fertinex
– Luporon
– Zoladex
– Follisteim
– Clomid

In the case of poor sperms motility, infertility experts believe in Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). In this procedure IVF experts collect high quality of sperms samples from men then injected in to women. This IUI fertility method is very popular and success rate of this procedure is very high. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is also another type of beneficial IVF procedure. ICSI procedure is same as IVF but in this method sperms are directly connected or injected with eggs. This ICSI procedure is good for male infertility problems. There are several medications available in market for removing pregnancy problems. These drugs mainly help for ovulation and good for stopping women miscarriages problems. Fertility drugs are useful for both men and women. There are some side effects of these medicines such as possibility of multiple births, chances of increasing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome etc. Before going for any drug or treatment it is better to meet the specialized and experienced doctors as fertility drug also affect some of the part body parts.